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Homework and Late Work Policy
There will rarely be times in which I ask the students to do anything exclusively at home. That being said, there may be times where they do not finish a task started in class and will be asked to complete it on their own time by a certain date. This very well may mean some work will be coming home. All assignments will be due on a predetermined date. If the assignment is not completed and handed in by that date, the assignment will be considered late and will lose 2 points for everyday it is late. If the assignment is late due to being absent, it is the students responsibility to talk with me to determine an appropriate due date.
Corrections Policy
Each student will be allowed to correct one QUIZ and one TEST per quarter. Corrections will be done after school with Mrs. Anderson to receive their points back.

Students also have the opportunity to redo/correct any assignment with a low grade for a better grade. Half credit will apply to any corrected questions. Corrections are due the next class.