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40 Book Challenge

over 4 years ago

My goal as a reading teacher is for all students to develop a love for reading and to also become lifelong readers. How do students become better readers? How do they develop a love for reading? 

By reading of course! Everyday students will have 15-20 minutes of silent, or "Read to Self" time. During this time, I will be conferencing with students about book selections and/or reading strategies. Students will also read on "Reading Wednesdays" during each of their classes. They are also required to read at home for 20 minutes a night, or a minimum of 100 minutes a week. 

I model my classroom after Donalyn Miller, a well known and respected educator who wrote the  book, "The Book Whisperer." In efforts to help students become lifelong readers, she implemented the "40 Book Challenge." During the challenge, students are asked read at least 40 books, of various genres and lengths. Many students begin the year intimidated by the amount but find that meeting their goal is attainable! 

Book Check Out

over 4 years ago

If students are required to read, then they are required to have a book! I have a classroom library of over 1500 books that is organized by genre and by interests. We also visit the library on a regular basis so students should always have one ready to go! If your child is struggle to find a book of interest, please encourage them to contact me or the librarian. 

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